The Kiss Quotient: A Book Review

I have been on a bit of a Kindle book kick lately and decided to catch up on some of my physical books on my To Be Read stack. I thought I’d start with a lighthearted read and have had The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang on my list for a while. I ended up picking it up with my Book of the Month order since I keep coming back to it on Amazon and really wanting to buy it.

It is definitely an adult romance but it has a little more depth than my usual guilty pleasure romance reads. I was expecting it to take me longer to read at 314 pages but it ended up being a great binge read and I stayed up all night to read it.

It is about a girl, Stella, with Asperger’s, or highly functioning autism, who is ready to have a relationship, but because of her autism finds it hard to have a physical relationship with men. So she hired an escort, Michael, to help teach her how to have a relationship with a man. Of course, they end up becoming very close and fall in love like in any good romance, but between his insecurities and her social anxiety, they have many obstacles to overcome before they can actually be together.

As someone who does not have autism, I cannot say whether the perspective of Stella is accurate, although I assume it is since the writer herself has Asperger’s. As someone who used to teach autistic children and specifically children with Asperger’s I can confirm that the dynamic between her and the other characters who do not have autism are very realistic. My students with Asperger’s were always my favorite (I know, I know, I’m not supposed to have favorites – too bad) because of how guileless and honest they were. They never tried to be funny, but they always had such an amusing perspective on people and situations that I found very funny.

This book captures the humor of any social relationship with someone who has Asperger’s. With all of the politically correct romance books out there breaking down barriers between interracial relationships and even different sexual identities, it is nice to see a romance book that explores a relationship between someone who has a “disorder” (I don’t personally see this as a disability or disorder, but rather a personality quality) that is quickly becoming a normal diagnosis in our society. It normalizes romantic relationships between “regular” people and people with autism which I thought was lovely. It also could open up discussions about people in the sex industry.

I could go on a huge rant about the stigmas of autism, but instead I will keep this might and just say that I truly enjoyed this debut novel and really recommend it for those that love a good romance book, both bingable/guilty pleasure romances and relatable romantic literature. Fans of Pretty Woman would enjoy this immensely. I’d give this book a good 4/5 stars.

Please be aware that this is an adult romance novel with several very steamy moments. If that is not your thing, I totally understand and just want to give you a heads up.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: A Book Review

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green is the first book written by popular YA author John Green’s brother. His writing style is totally different. A highly believable sci-fi book with characters that are sometimes hard to love and themes that really make you question yourself and society, I think that this book was an excellent debut for Hank Green.

The story is narrated (mostly) by the main character April May. A bisexual, artsy millennial who stumbles upon a giant robotic-looking statue outside in New York City one night. She calls one of her best friends, Andy, to come and see it, names it Carl, and they record a video for his YouTube channel, becoming instantly famous. It turns out that the Carl in New York isn’t the only one. They have popped up in cities all over the world and no one knows how they got there or who put them there. April May and her friends discover that the Carls are not just an art piece but possibly an alien species. Two schools of thought break out in society: one is that the Carls are there to bring humanity together, and the other is that they are out to destroy us. Between telephone conferences with the President, TV interviews, and writing a book about her experience with Carl, April May struggles with how to keep ahead of the crowd so she can keep her fame and her own self-importance with regards to the Carls (being the first to make contact with an alien species and all). Her and her friends work together to solve the many puzzles the Carls have left for the human race in order to discover what their purpose  and reason for coming to Earth is.

The book deals with some pretty big themes and makes some serious social commentaries about today’s youth and even government. Some of the themes include love in a modern society and friendship. One of the themes is the use of social media and fame in modern society. Another theme is the effects and perils of fanaticism. It also deals with the mores of sexuality in society and how and why Millennials deal with personal relationships. The book also makes commentaries on how fame can change people and on having a personal identity, while also having a strong message about cooperation among people in order to unite humanity.

While the story is utterly ridiculous, it is almost believable because of all of the thematic references which are so personal to so many young people in society right now. April May’s story is either familiar to you, or you know of someone that may be going through something similar, or thinks similarly to her. Her character is not always easy to love. In fact, through many parts of the book, I found myself really disliking her. However, I think she is an excellent character. She has many depths and is very believable.

It is definitely an intelligent book, however, it was not a difficult read. The story flows and the voice keeps it from being stuffy. I have not read a lot of sci-fi, but this book was pretty fantastic. I truly enjoyed reading it and it also made me think. It does end a bit unexpectedly, but luckily it is the first book in a series and will be continued (although Goodreads has not listed a title yet or a release date, so it seems we might be waiting a while to see how the story continues).


Lake Greenwood State Park

I decided  the day after Thanksgiving would be a great day for a hike. This time I ventured out further from my house to a town about an hour and a half away to Lake Greenwood State Park. The South Carolina State Parks website has not been updated and states that there is a .8 mile trail however they recently expanded the trails and there are now about 4 miles of trails taking you around the shore of the lake and through the woods. While not quite the hiker’s paradise the way other state parks nearby are, there are a few other things to do while you are there. Lake Greenwood State Park in Ninety Six, SC is a fisherman’s heaven. They actually have a program where you can rent rods and reels on top of having boat access to Lake Greenwood. They also have 125 paved campsites. It would be a great place to take the boat out for the day, do some swimming or fishing, and camp out with the family!

Canon T5 20mm 1/40 sec. f/4

Unfortunately the day was pretty dreary and very windy so I didn’t really find the trails as beautiful as I know they can be. The lovely Fall colors in the trees were already starting to be closer to brown than colorful. However, I do believe that on a clear Autumn day or on a clear summer day, these trails would be absolutely gorgeous.

Canon T5 20mm 1/50 sec/ f/4.5 ISO100

The going was very easy and the trails were virtually empty. I do wonder how busy they get during a high traffic day (I have a feeling not many people wanted to get out and go hiking after filling up on turkey the day before – plus it was Black Friday and most people spend the day hiking at Target and Best Buy, not at state parks).

Canon T5 1/80 sec. f/5.6 18mm

This was my first time hiking solo, so I was grateful that it wasn’t a trail that was too treacherous, however my paranoia definitely was kicking in about mid-way through the hike and I kept checking around me to make sure that I wasn’t being followed by anyone or stalked by any animals. Not sure if there are any bears out there, but I have definitely heard too many stories of solo hikers going across some not so friendly wildlife alone. One  thing that definitely made me feel safer, I had excellent cellphone reception on the whole trail (possibly because of the proximity to the campground?).

Google Pixel 2

Despite my weird paranoia, I found solo hiking to be really relaxing. I actually had the time to stop and take photos, which normally I feel stressed about because I don’t want to hold anyone back. Also, it was very quiet except for the sounds of nature which gave me some much needed respite from the sounds of my own and other people’s voices. Some good quality quiet time is always pretty good for the soul. Finally, while this was a pretty easy trail, I am glad that I didn’t have to worry about the difficulty level causing me to be to have to slow down or speed up (depending on who I am hiking with) and I could go at my own comfortable pace. I definitely think more solo hikes are in my future because, all in all, I really enjoyed it!

A Visit to Biltmore Estate in the Fall

After our wedding we decided to take out parents to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. It is about 40 minutes from our house and is definitely worth the trip. The estate is basically an American castle built by the Vanderbilt family and maintained as a historical landmark. We took a tour of the house and were blown away by the art and opulence of the rooms. The house was decorated for Christmas with gigantic Christmas trees in many rooms and a beautiful nativity on display.  After seeing the Biltmore, Jason decided our next house is going to be castle because what girl doesn’t need her own castle!


While it was the wrong time of the year to visit most of the gardens, the Conservatory is something that can be seen year round and is definitely great for getting out of the Fall and Winter chill. We are looking forward to going back to see the gardens in the spring. I have also heard that the place is absolutely magnificent at Christmas time if it has snowed. Like something out of a movie.



There are many more things to do at the Estate besides tour the house and gardens. They also have horseback riding, fine dining and lodging, Segway tours, a winery, an ice creamery, hiking trails, electric bike tours, fishing, river float trips, falconry, biking trails, carriage rides, and so much more. They also have special musical events and historical events that take place on special occasions.


Admission to the house and gardens is $70 for adults and $35 for children. It also includes a complimentary wine tasting at the winery. If you live near the area and plan on visiting more than once, it is much more cost effective to purchase an annual pass and then get your guests discounted tickets. Annual passes are $119 a person.

While this is definitely one of the more costly things to do in our area, it is definitely a must see at some point if you live in the area. Maybe save it for special occasions and events, or only go once a year till you have seen it at all seasons.

Wedded Bliss: How I Planned a Wedding in Two Weeks and for Less than $1000

This month we did a thing. We got married! We have lived together for over three years now and have been talking about getting married for about 1 1/2 years , but something always comes up or makes it too complicated to set a date. We finally decided that for financial reasons it would be best for us to get married before the end of the year with a very simple ceremony where only parents were invited and later on plan a big party with all of our friends and family, kind of like a belated reception.


So, when Jason’s parents told us they were coming down for a weekend this fall, I called my mom and told her that we wanted to plan to have a wedding in two weeks. She was able to find flights for her and my grandmother so that they could be there and I got started planning.


We ordered rings. On Amazon, of course, since we buy everything on Amazon including our household furniture and beds! Diamonds are not my favorite stone (I actually prefer my birthstone, rubies), so we were able to find me an engagement ring for under $150 and I managed to find a wedding band that matched the engagement ring perfectly for less than $150 as well. My husband decided to order a silicone wedding band for around $40, since he uses his hands so much at work and at home. I told him that I will get him a nicer ring for when we go out and for special occasions for one of our anniversaries. Boom! Rings done, and on the cheap too!

Next we went to go get our marriage license. It only cost about $45 for our county. Once I had that I was found a notary who would come do there ceremony at our house for about $125. We had Ms. Sonita Leaks perform our wedding. If you live in the Greenville area of South Carolina, I highly recommend her. She was very professional, submitted our paperwork in a timely fashion, and was very accommodating with our pup being so exuberant during the ceremony. She even stayed after the ceremony to take a few photos of us all. She was very sweet and made our special day perfect.

All that was left was the food. We ordered from our favorite barbeque place, Henry’s Smokehouse. I spent about $90 on pulled pork, baked beans, mac and cheese, cole slaw, and iced tea for 10 people. And everybody enjoyed the food.

As far as my dress, I had an off-white dress that had not been worn yet that looked fantastic with my cowboy boots. Jason wore his favorite button down shirt, nice jeans and his going out boots. We didn’t have to spend any money at all on special clothes since it was just our parents and us in our backyard. My aunt and grandmother took care of a boutonniere and bouquet for me. They also arranged a few vases for our dinner table. Other than those few flowers, we didn’t have any other décor since it was a beautiful fall day and the changing leaves were more than enough color. We also decided against hiring a photographer since everyone who was there had a camera and could take pictures and share them with us.


Our wedding was exactly like us: simple, intimate, and fun. I am so glad we went this route instead of a big, stressful wedding. I will make sure to post once we have the “reception” with family and friends and how that goes.


Jones Gap State Park: Jones Gap Falls

This past June, I took my cousin who was visiting for the weekend to one of our state parks for a hike. Jones Gap State Park is about 20 minutes from my house and the drive there is beautiful. The park has an entrance fee of $5 for adults and $3 for children aged 6-15 unless you have a wonderful Park Passport like I purchased at the beginning of the year, in which case you just drive right on in. Jones Gap connects to another state park, Caesar’s Head, and you can actually hike between the two of them (but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart). The Middle Saluda River runs through it and there is lots of fishing to be had there. In fact there was actually a fish hatchery exhibit and trout pound when we first entered the park.


There are 60+ miles of trails at the park, but we decided to do the Jones Gap Falls trail which is 5.3 miles one way (10.6 miles total). I decided not to wear hiking boots and just wore some sneakers I run in instead, but by the end of this long hike I was wishing I had worn some boots just for the extra ankle support. I ended up twisting my ankle pretty bad on the way down since I was so exhausted. Note to self: wear boots on hikes longer than 5 miles. We got to see two waterfalls on this trail and were also walking along the river for a good portion of it which really helped to keep the trail feeling cool. There was, however, quite a bit of mud since it had rained the day before and some felled trees that we had to climb through and over.

The Jones Gap Falls were fantastic. There was a nice little pool that had me wishing I had worn a swimsuit especially with the heat in late June. The rest of the hike was just as beautiful and we really enjoyed it. There were even some little bridges to cross and even some hopping across rocks to get to the rest of the trail. We came across a few hikers, but managed to get there at a time when it wasn’t too busy, so it was pretty quiet overall. There are several other trails that were shorter that looked like they were pretty busy that day, especially for people with families and pets.

Overall, I think our hike was a success. We got to see some beautiful falls and some interesting bugs and foliage. We got some really good cardio in for the weekend. And we even managed to get some pretty good pictures, although next time I would really like to take out my DSLR and get some better shots of the scenery there. I am definitely looking forward to trying some of the shorter trails.


Book Review: Shades of Grey

The first book of Jasper Fforde’s that I read was The Eyre Affair the first novel in his Thursday Next series which I have loved. I found the book very witty and full of adventure that really tugged at the heart strings of a bibliophile. I read the description for his novel Shades of Grey and thought that I absolutely NEEDED to read it.

Shades of Grey is a dystopian novel taking place in taking place in a world called Chromatacia where the people’s place in social hierarchy has to do with the amount of color they can see and specifically which colors they can see. It follows the main character Edward Russett who is a Red and is expected to be able to see an exceptional amount of red. He is trying to move up the social hierarchy by marrying the right girl with the right color and gets sent to another city as punishment where he meets a girl named Jane who changes his life and perception of his society.

I really wanted to love this book and forced myself to read it all the way through. The concept was great, and parts of it were very witty, but I found myself struggling to actually finish it. I couldn’t get into the plot development and perhaps it was just a little too British for an American girl because there was a lot of parts that just went right over my head. As dystopian novels go, it is not the most action packed until the very end, although the world building is very interesting. Till the very end of the book I was not sure if this is a completely make believe world (due to references to Oz – which actually would make sense since it was one of the first movies with color and there is that whole play on black and white and color viewing) or if it was our world after some terrible catastrophe that caused this separation of people based on color blindness.

While it is probably very well-written, there is a possibility I am not intelligent enough to pick up on the details in the plot and this left me very confused through most of the book. Perhaps if I had read it the way I would read a textbook, and maybe researched some of the references I may have been able to understand it better, but since I was just reading it for fun, it really missed the mark for me.

The novel ends on a note where the story could be continued, but this came out in 2012 and there have been no sequels yet. It received high praise on Amazon and Goodreads but I have to give this book a low rating because it just didn’t click with me.

All in all, here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

Almost anything can be improved with the addition of bacon.

I didn’t set out to discover a truth. I was actually sent to the Outer Fringes to conduct a chair census and learn some humility. But the truth inevitably found me, as important truths often do, like a lost thought in need of a mind.

“Love isn’t sensible, Red. I think that’s the point.” Generally speaking, if you fiddle with something, it will break. Don’t.

The best plans are always the simplest.

“The best lies to tell,” said Jane, “are the ones people want to believe.”

Never underestimate the capacity for romance, no matter what the circumstance. Vulgar mispronunciations of everyday words will not be tolerated.